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Objectives Detail



To raise public awareness and lobby government for 

(1) A Care Home Transparency Act where all parts of a care home or care home group should be mandated to disclose exactly where their income (often in the form of public money) goes and how much "leaks" out of investment in front-line care

(2) The prevention of complex offshore ownership structures designed to avoid UK tax

(3) The setting of maximum leverage and minimum equity and net asset levels to ensure the financial viability of care homes

(4) The introduction of robust regulatory oversight of care home providers

(5) Encouragement of alternatives to private, investor-owned care homes eg co-operative, council and community funded structures



Poor businesses should not survive. Users of care homes should feel duty bound to provide fair, objective feedback on the quality of care received by their loved ones. The good homes thrive and the bad homes either improve or do not survive. There are established bespoke review platforms but the care homes provide their income and there is a low level of review volume. Our strategy should be to persuade one of these major platforms that if they want to dominate, their ultimate customer is the public and if they offer a better service then the best care homes will win more market share, the worst will not pay for the service which tells the public they are poor.

Alternatively we find a new platform partner.



Lobby the Inspectorate of Constabulary to implement the 13 recommendations and 9 improvements in their damning report 'The poor relation' in July 2019.

Work with the CPS and Police to create up to date policy and training plans to give equal credence to elders as is afforded to any other victim. Encourage the measurement of crime against elders (eg. inclusion of care homes in the bi-annual Crime Survey of England and Wales).

Increase the number of successful prosecutions at a corporate level for elder abuse in care homes.

Ensure that local authority Safegaurding passes on more neglect and abuse to the Police for possible prosecution.


The biggest barrier to civil or criminal prosecution is not the law but the provision of hard evidence. Video evidence has proved to be very valuable in recent high-profile cases (eg. George Floyd). As the elderly in care homes are less inclined to use mobile phones, also encourage the use of hidden cameras by family members. These are cheap and we could form a partnership with a provider.

We would need to identify a platform where this evidence could be posted and filtered.

Promotion, legalities and platform would be the key barriers.

CCTV in communal areas would also be added to this objective solution.




The Age Reform Coalition has been formed because there are lots of good causes fighting for elders but there is poor communication between these organisations. This leads to duplication of effort, message dilution and inefficiency. ARC has been created to recognise areas of strategic common ground so that members can speak with one voice on a range of improvements. This will bring critical mass and the ability to accelerate change.

ARC will be led by Hourglass who have been established for 40 years campaigning against elder abuse and neglect. They have a 24 hr helpline and are looking to provide start to end support for victims of elder abuse. We have 3 other founding member organisation. This includes...

Nightingales Army - National minimum training accreditation for care home workers, improving working conditions and elevating a career in care as a worthwhile vocation.

Sayso - Offering a business case to care homes for a more effective and confidential whistleblowing service to ensure early intervention and prevent issues developing into big financial liabilities.

We are looking to grow this coalition as this space is dominated by Age UK and we believe it is unhealthy for government to be listening to only one voice.

One of our ultimate objectives will be the formation of an All Party Parliamentary Group on safer ageing and a Minister in England specifically responsible for Elders.

With the recent announcement of greater funding for social care we believe that government should be listening for solutions and looking at radical reform of the system as well as throwing money at the problem.

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