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Hello my name is Patrick Taylor and I'm the founder of BCHS. This all started when my Dad passed away in August 2018. I wrote an eulogy for Dad and decided to send it in to his favourite radio programme 'Test Match Special'......

My Mum, Julia, has had a terrible time in the care home system since Dad's death. She is 80+ years old, blind and heartbroken. Unbelievably in 2020/21, Mum was shunted between 8 care homes, caught Covid twice, was sectioned, wrongly evicted and suffered a broken wrist through neglect...

Mums story

This inspired me to get together a group of  lifelong friends to help accelerate the rate of positive change within care homes.

Covid 19 has decimated this vulnerable section of  society with over 40000 deaths or approx 10% of the care home population. This is equivalent to approx 7million people dying of Covid in the UK. This unforgiveable stat is, we believe, a symptom of underinvestment and an industry motivated by profit rather than standards of care.                                                                                                                      

Our Mission Statement.....


To counteract the devastating impact Covid 19 has had we will improve the safeguarding and wellbeing of our vulnerable elders in care homes by

  1. Improving the way in which the evidence of abuse and neglect of elders in care homes can be collected and used to highlight the extent of the problem.

  2. Working as a founding member of ARC to lobby institutions with solutions for change 


Patrick Taylor 


Suzanne Taylor

My business background has been focused around the dark art of negotiation, for big food companies. In the last 5 years I formed my own training company and that particular journey is coming to a successful conclusion. With Covid scuppering travel plans, and the disgraceful experience my Mum has suffered, BCHS has become my raison d'etre. Researching the terrible state of the care home system has been an eye opener and jaw dropper. We need to lobby for change before the system collapses completely. 

I met Patrick at work and so it comes as no surprise that we have a similar business background. I am also a qualified Divemaster, Karate blackbelt and Pilates Instructor, so most certainly a lady of 'action'. 

I was horrified by my Mum in law's terrible treatment but even more disturbed by the fact that there are so many similar stories. The unregulated care home system feels more like the wild west. I believe it's about time we started putting elders rights above minority groups and animals.


20191013_202054 (1).jpg

Andy is a certified coach and founding partner of AQ Revolution, as leadership consultancy. Andy qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PWC and held various board level roles leading global finance teams within companies such as Credit Suisse, Macquarie Bank and Fidelity International, where he was European Finance Director.

Andy loves keeping fit by running slower than he did as a youngster (he competed for Wales), cycling and skiing.

His involvement in BCHS is driven by his interest in people and deep conviction that society has a duty to protect and support those less fortunate than ourselves.

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Mark Mckone

Andrew Jones

Paul Ashley

I have been a criminal barrister for over 30 years. I prosecute and defend serious crimes in Crown Courts, mainly in Yorkshire and the North-East. I also sit as a part-time Crown Court Judge.

I have a keen interest in sport (especially football and tennis) and fine wines.

Whilst I have never had immediate family in care homes, I have seen the impact which poor care has had on other families. I am keen to be part of a team who can influence change, particularly as to how evidence of poor care is obtained.


Retired Partner with PWC  

For the last 15 years, I have run my own consulting business. I also work part-time for Wiltshire Council and Alzheimer's Support as a fitness instructor and motivational coach.

I have just started playing the guitar with the goal of headlining Glastonbury before my 65th birthday! 

My involvement in BCHS stems from my strong belief that people need to be valued at all times and that high quality care should be the absolute minimum that everyone should receive as they enter the most challenging period of their life.

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