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Our URGENT objectives

1. To raise public awareness and lobby government for legislation to ensure that care home operators have a stable financial base with full public disclosure and scrutiny of an operator’s finances through robust regulatory oversight of their financial position.

2. We will lobby the Inspectorate of Constabulary to implement the 13 recommendations and 9 improvements in their damning report 'The poor relation' in July 2019. We will also argue that more care home owners are held responsible for poor policies and practices which leads to elder abuse and neglect under the legislation which exists but which is rarely used.

3. To Encourage people through the media that it is their civic responsibility to review care homes as much as they would a visit to a restaurant. 


4. Encouraging family members to take an active role in using mobile phones and hidden cameras to capture video evidence of poor practices, quality, and standards in care homes.

5. Support the 'Age Reform Coallition'          to improve training standards in care homes, more robust whistleblowing protection and to put an end to revenge evictions. ARC's main priority will be to lobby government to create an All Party Parliamentary Group dedicated to 'Safer Ageing' and a minister with sole responsibility for elders

1 in 3 (35 percent) do not consider ‘inappropriate sexual acts directed at older people’ as abuse (or a crime) SOURCE: Hourglass Dec 2020 Poll



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